Award Nomination:

Project of the Year for Environmental Stewardship and Innovation

Project of the Year

All nominations due: July 28, 2023.

The Project of the Year for Environmental Stewardship and Innovation honors an Alaska oil and gas industry project that demonstrates superior environmental stewardship in its area of design, construction or operation and/or an innovative approach that sets a new standard for industry design, construction or operation in Alaska.

Given the unique climate and ecosystems in Alaska, local industry has a proud tradition of environmentally prudent and technologically innovative projects and operations. This award endeavors to highlight those projects or strategies that are both successful and represent innovation in their operation or approach.

Nomination Description
In 500-1,000 words, please describe this project’s contribution to the oil and gas industry in Alaska. Your submission should include, but is not limited to:

  • A description of the project
  • An explanation of the process taken to complete the project
  • How this project demonstrates the highest standards of environmental stewardship or innovation
  • A description of what has been accomplished